Friday, July 31, 2015

Vrezh Antonyan

Vrezh and Armenuhi Antonyan live in Pambak, a small town outside Vanadzor. They were forced to live in temporary housing for several years after the 1988 earthquake, but now the Antonyans and their two children share a comfortable home. Vrezh is the manager of a nearby stone quarry, and Armenuhi supervises the Pambak post office. Their daughter, who recently announced her engagement, is a secretary at a municipal office, while their son is unemployed.

 With the financing that Habitat for Humanity has provided, the Antonyans have completed extensive work on their home of eleven years: both the lower and upper floors now have new flooring, windows, and doors, and a staircase connecting the two will soon be done. Despite setbacks caused by a fire inside their house last year, which damaged parts of both floors but (thankfully) spared the wooden roof.

Vrezh and Armenuhi pressed on with the project. A second loan from HFH will be necessary to cover the costs, but this couple has overcome great obstacles to make their house a home, and this will seem a trifle by comparison.

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