Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Let's save to have more 

Habitat for Humanity Armenia implements projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy. They are as follows:

Residential Energy Efficiency for Low-income Households (REELIH)

This Project has the objective to reduce the impact of raising energy prices on collective low-income housing by increasing energy conservation measures. The Project aims at improving living standards of homeowners in multi-apartment residential buildings. REELIH helps to foster the efficiency in collaborations between HOAs, homeowners, local authorities and financial institutions that result in sustained improvement of community life. Yerevan Municipality has agreed to a subsidy support (40%) to boost the Project implementation. REELIH is funded by USAID and Habitat for Humanity Armenia.

Access to Renewable and Efficient Energy in Municipalities Vayk and Spitak (AREEM)

The overall objective of the Project is to support Spitak and Vayk Municipalities by developing and testing a replicable and efficient model(s) of energy savings through use of efficient measures and renewable sources in residential and public buildings, incorporated with their Sustainable Energy Action Plans aligned under the “Covenant of Mayors” requirements. The Project is financed by the European Union and is addressed to residential and public buildings energy efficiency and application of renewable energy sources in Vayk and Spitak cities. The total budget of the project is 1,700,000 euro. AREEM is implemented in partnership with vayk and Spitak Municipalities.

Renewable Energy Financing

Armenia has high solar potential; on average there are 2,500 sunny hours a year in Armenia. This Project will allow low and middle income families to get access to loans for purchasing and installing solar equipment at home.  The use of solar energy at home is an efficient solution for families to save on energy bills. Through this project, Habitat Armenia promotes the use of solar energy by low and middle income families giving them opportunity to have affordable hot water and electricity, at the same time contributing to preserve the environment. 

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