Monday, February 16, 2015


Dear partners at  Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley, Wexford Habitat for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati, Matthew Hagopian, Greg S. Apkarian and Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, 

On behalf of our partner families we would like to thank you for your tithes and donations of total $30,713.97,  received between November 2014 to January, 2015: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati - $11,316.25, 5 families served, Matthew Hagopian -$5,000, 2 families served, HFH of  St. Vrain Valley - $5327.89, 2 families served, Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity - $4935.83, 2 families served, Wexford Habitat for Humanity - $2,625, 1 family served, Greg Apkarian - $1,500 from, 1 family served.  Thanks to your support, we were enabled to serve 13 more families within the framework of Rebuild Vayots Dzor Campaign. 

Please see below the names of the families that befitted from your tithes and donations:
Edward Ayvazyan
Geghanush Babayan
Marieta Avanesyan
Hamasik Hambardzuamyan
Arman Margharyan
Khachik Sahakyan
Artak Khachatryan
Gayane Sahakyan
Hamazasp Avetsiyan
Gegham Mkhitaryan
Karen Hakobyan
Nver Margaryan
Davit Harutyunyan

To learn more about the families and how your support impacted their lives see 6 family stories below. 

Our goal is to continue to make a difference in the lives of the people. Your support is a great motivation for us and gives us courage and energy to move towards our goal of building better future for families living in substandard housing conditions. 
Thank you again for your partnership and dedication to Habitat for Humanity Armenia's mission

* In 2015, Habitat for Humanity Armenia starts Rebuild Vayots Dzor Campaign in recognition of 15 successful years’ work of Habitat for Humanity in Armenia. HFH Armenia starts this big movement to address the need for affordable housing and energy efficiency in Vayots Dzor rural communities in partnership with companies, churches, individuals, organizations, etc.

Eduard Ayvazyan's family

A great number of families have plumbing problems in Yeghegnadzor city, therefore access to clean water and adequate sanitation is limited.
The Ayvazyan family of 6 including Edward (44), his wife Lusine (37), their children Nvard (19), Ani (15), Vahe (3) and Edward’s mother Nvard (82) live in an ancestral home that has had water supply and sanitation problems for many years. Three generation of the family were deprived of basic hygienic conditions.


Due to the support of our partners the family has already installed water supply system and will start the renovation of their bathroom.
“We had to get water from neighboring houses”, Lusine said, “it was very hard to do it especially in winter. I can’t believe that now we have water in our garden. I bless Habitat every morning for giving us a chance to improve the quality of our lives. ”
Soon the family will have access to proper sanitation as well. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Geghanush Babayan's family

Geghanush (50) was very excited to show us the recent changes in her housing conditions. More than 3 decades had passed since the construction of the house and they never had a chance to improve the interiors as the family expanded. For a family of 7 including Geghanush’s husbands Armen (55), their two sons-Garik (30) and Arthur (28), Arthur’s wife Nara (23) and their two kids-Mane (4) and Armen (8 months) it was simply impossible to start upgrading the house on their own.  Their monthly earnings hardly make both ends meet.

Habitat’s intervention was a sudden turnover in our lives. For the first time in 30 years we were enabled to improve the quality of our living standards,” Geghanush says, “I am so happy to see my grandchildren growing up in healthy environment.”
Geghanush is a technician at a local music school. Arthur is a shop assistant; Garik works in the telecommunications department at local barracks. Armen is a pensioner and Nara manages the household.  

“I can’t thank enough to Habitat for Humanity for this valuable contribution in our welfare. Our lives have unbelievably changed through this blessed partnership.” Geghanush shared.

Thanks to your support they have already renovated the living room, two bedrooms and bathroom unit.  By mid spring the family will also start the renovation of the roof. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Marieta Avanesyan's family

Marieta (58) and her family were happy to welcome us in their house and share their story and upcoming plans. They live in a traditional ancestral home in Yeghegnadzor city.  The house has been passed to generations and needs an interior renovation in order to keep the tradition.
The family consists of Marieta’s two sons; Gevorg (38) and Gagik (36), Hasmik (34), Gevorg’s wife and their 2 kids; Karine (14) and Tigran (9). Marieta is a teacher at a local school. Gevorg and Gagik are construction workers and go to Russia for migrant work during the season. They usually come back to spend the New Year with their family. This time their return had another great cause; renovation of their house.

“We heard about Habitat from our friends and realized that it is a unique opportunity to improve our housing conditions,” Gevorg says “. It would take us rather long to save enough for the renovation. I am happy that I can keep the tradition and pass a decent house to the upcoming generation. Thank you for your support.”

They will install new doors and windows, as well as improve the interiors of the house. Gevorg and Gagik are going to do the work themselves to minimize the costs and hope to finish it by summer. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hamasik Hambardzumyan's family

Hamasik Hambardzumyan (62) and his wife Geghanush (55) live in a humble house in Gladzor vllage of Vayots Dzor region.   Hamasik, a truck driver stated building a house 30 years ago but could never afford to complete it. When the family expanded with 3 children the living expenses grew and Hamasik could hardly earn enough to satisfy the basic necessities and complete the house all at once.
“For 30 years we have been living in substandard housing with bare walls and concreted flooring,” Geghanush said, “it seemed that our dream of having a decent home would never come true until we heard about Habitat.”

Currently the family lives in the first floor that has been partially renovated. They will soon be restarting the work and finish with the bathroom and the second floor.
Their daughters are both married and the son is away for migrant work to support his family.

My children had to experience poverty housing but now thanks to a hand up from Habitat we can create decent conditions for the upcoming generations,” Geghanush says “thank you for your input in  building a better future for my family. ”

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Arman Margaryan's family

We, at Habitat Armenia, believe that everyone deserves a safe, decent and affordable shelter to live.  For the family of Margaryans living in a decent home has been a lifelong dream.  In early 80s Samvel (58)and Tamara (58), the head of the family started building a house and 16 years later completed the outward part. As their children Arman (27) and Hasmik (26) grew up Samvel had to take care of their educational expenses and could afford to complete the interiors due to lack and instability of income. Arman is now married to Zhenya (27) and they have a two-year old son-Samvel.

“Now we need more space as the family has grown,” Samvel, father of the family shares, “The younger generation needs to have privacy and little Samvel should have his own corner to play and sleep.”
With great contentment Samvel showed us the upgraded parts of his house including the installation of new doors and windows, renovation of the living-room.
“I believe that homeownership raises educational opportunities, improved health and provide basis for social status. Now thanks to Habitat Armenia we have secured this for the younger generation,” Samvel said.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Khachik Sahakyan's family

Khachik Sahakyan (57) was in the process of renovating his house when we visited him. He was proud to share that he will be doing the work himself.
The family of 4 including Khachik’s wife Susanna (51) and their children Edgar (24) and Meline (22) lives in an old ancestral home at Getap village of Vayots Dzor region. They are very excited with the opportunity to refurbish their old home through partnership with Habitat Armenia.
“First thing I am going to do is the bathroom. The structure is very old and is gradually deteriorating,” Khachik says, “There are crack in the walls and constant moisture leaks.”

They will also install new doors and windows and renovate the interiors as well.
Safe and stable homes are the foundation of successful families and today, thanks to a hand up from Habitat Khachik has been enabled to lay the foundation and look forward to a better future.

“Habitat provides stability and affordability all at once,” Khachik says “and affordable homeownership is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.”