Friday, July 31, 2015

Anahit Hovsepyan

The Hovsepyan residence, whose two rooms cover thirty-five square meters, once belonged to the local police department, and the family have converted it into a decent home. Anahit's son, Yesayi, his wife,

Irina, and their two young children, Suzy and Artyom, also live in the house.  Anahit works at the police station, Yesayi is a lifeguard, and Irina stays at home with the children. Before moving into their current quarters, the Hovsepyans had been living in public housing.
Anahit and her family have applied to Habitat for Humanity Armenia to help them improve their home, including the replacement of existing windows, which were in poor condition, as well as the bathroom renovation. Anahit cited the favorable lending terms and affordable monthly payments that HFHA offered, without which these improvements would have been out of her reach.

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