Friday, July 31, 2015

Alisa Ordinyan

Alisa and Hrach Ordinyan and their daughter, Nayiné, share a home on the outskirts of Vanadzor. Hrach spends most of each year working in Russia to support the family, while Alisa does her part by selling produce in Georgia (during the warm months) and clothing in Turkey. After the earthquake of 1988, which devastated populated areas in both Lori and Shirak, the Ordinyans lived in refugee housing for eight years.

With the assistance of HFH, the family is renovating and expanding the house: they have installed new windows, repaired a few cracks of the roof, and have begun to convert their covered porch into an additional indoor room. Alisa praised the lending terms she was offered by HFH, e.g., a reduced interest rate and affordable monthly payment, without which she was convinced the project would have been beyond their means.

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