Friday, July 31, 2015

Vladaimir Shakhkulyan

Vladimir Shakulyan, who owns a bakery and earns a decent living, his wife, Manana, and their three children - Felix, Erik, and Yana - live in a house they bought six years ago.  Before then, the family lived with Vladmir's parents. During those six years, the family have made incremental improvements to the interior, but it became clear that outside assistance would be essential for their next project.

The Shakulyans are constructing a two-floor addition to their home; as their family has grown, a larger living space has become a necessity. They received a loan from Habitat for Humanity to ease the financial burden of such an undertaking. Vladimir expressed his gratitude for the convenient lending terms provided by HFH, without which, he said, his home would have been too cramped for a family of five.

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