Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dear partners at  Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley, Wexford Habitat for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati, Matthew Hagopian, Greg S. Apkarian and Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, 

On behalf of our partner families we would like to thank you for your tithes and donations of total $30,704.97, received between November 2014 to January, 2015: 

Habitat for Humanity affiliates
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati - $11,316.25, 5 families served, 
HFH of  St. Vrain Valley -$5327.89, 2 families served, 
Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity - $4935.83, 2 families served, 
Wexford Habitat for Humanity - $2,625, 1 family served, 

Individual donors
Matthew Hagopian -$5,000, 2 families served, 
Greg Apkarian - $1,500 from, 1 family served.  

Thanks to your support, we were enabled to serve 13 more families within the framework of Rebuild Vayots Dzor Campaign. 

Please see below the names of the families that benefitted from your tithes and donations:

Geghanush Babayan
Gayane Sahakyan
Marieta Avanesyan
Khachik Sahakyan
Edward Ayvazyan
Hamasik Hambardzuamyan
Arman Margharyan
Artak Khachatryan
Hamazasp Avetsiyan
Gegham Mkhitaryan
Karen Hakobyan
Nver Margaryan
Davit Harutyunyan

Please note that the interventions are in final stages.To view the "before", please check posts of December 2014 in the right side of the blog. 

Our goal is to continue to make a difference in the lives of the people. Your support is a great motivation for us and gives us courage and energy to move towards our goal of building better future for families living in substandard housing conditions. 
Thank you again for your partnership and dedication to Habitat for Humanity Armenia's mission

Geghanush Babayan

After a long day of janitorial work at the local music school, Geghanush can finally return home.  As she steps inside her front door, the sole of her shoe makes contact with freshly installed tile.  In addition to the tiling, the renovation included a new bathroom, foyer walls, the two bedrooms shared by the family of seven.  As we made our way into the living room, we found Mane, age 4, hiding under a table.  What wasn’t hiding was the joy and satisfaction on the faces of the Babayan family about the first major upgrade to their house since 1985. The monthly earnings of Geghanush and her husband, Armen, were hardly enough to make both ends meet.  Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, the family has improved the house’s interiors and will begin work on the roof in the spring.

Marieta Avanesyan

Allow me to shed a little light on our visit to the home of Marieta Avanesyan in Yeghnegnadzor City.  Marieta’s two sons Gevorg and Gagik are migrant workers in the construction business in Russia.  Gevorg’s wife, Hasmik, and their two children Karine and Tigran also live with Marieta.  

Her recent renovation involved the installation of new doors and windows to the ground floor of the house.  As we stood there together on the inside looking out, our attention was divided between enjoying the view from the house and gazing at the new windows themselves.  

Gayane Sahakyan

Nestled in the countryside is the home of Aram and Gayane.  Their family and the need for renovations to their home have been growing since 1980.  Currently, Gayane lives alone while her four children work or study in Yerevan and her husband is a seasonal worker in Russia.  As all of the family’s finances were tied up in paying for the children’s tuition, it seemed that repairing and restoring the floor, walls, and transitioning from an outhouse to an indoor toilet was unfeasible. 

The affordable loan provided through Habitat for Humanity changed all that.  It’s easy now for Gayane to smile as she shows us the improvements to their home, room by room.  They’re not done yet, either.  At the nearest convenient time, they will begin work on a heating system.

Khachik Sahakyan

Khachik’s family of 4 including Khachik’s wife Susanna (51) and their children Edgar (24) and Meline (22) live in an ancestral home that has had water supply and sanitation problems for many years.  Because of the financial support provided through Habitat for Humanity, Khachik has had the chance to improve the living conditions for himself and his loved ones.  It’s easy to notice the work on the bathroom that has been completed by Khachik so far.  He has already finished laying the pipes of the plumbing and has further plans to install windows and a door.