Friday, July 31, 2015

Daniel Margaryan

Three generations of the Margaryan family of 8 live in a humble house in Vardanashen village of Armavir region.  Daniel and Manushak, father and mother of the family used to share a home with an extended family for a long time. But as the families expanded it was necessary to move. According to the Armenia traditions the youngest son stays in the ancestral home, so Daniel and Manush had to move with their three sons; Mushegh (29), Garik (27) and Roman (24). Garik is married to Hamest (20) and they have two chuikdren; Daniel (3) and David (1).

Daniel and Manushak stated a new house 4 years ago but could never afford to finish it on their own. Though the family works hard they can hardly make both ends meet.  Without a hand up from Habitat Armenia it would be impossible for them to complete the house on their own. The sons usually go on a migrant construction work in Russia during the season to support the family.

The partnership with Habitat was a great experience for the family as they hosted a Global Village team from Canada to help them finish the house. The team worked hand in hand with the family for a week doing cement sand plastering of walls. The family was very excited with the extra help and their new friends who cared so much for their wellbeing.  It was once in a lifetime experience which they will never forget. 

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