Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Dear partners,

We, at Habitat for Humanity Armenia, would like to thank you for your recent donations of $30,500 to our cause of providing safe, decent and affordable shelters to low-income families living in substandard housing conditions.  Thanks to your support, we were enabled to  serve 10 more families within the framework of Housing Micro finance project in Tavush and Gegharkunik regions. 

The donations were made between February to June, 2014 by:
Habitat for Humanity Greater Cincinnati: $9,640
Tony Safoian and Sada Systems: $6,000
Greg Apkarian: $3,500
Habitat for Humanity Michigan:4,160
Parsekian Foundation: $1,000
Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County: $6,200

Here are the names of the families that benefited from your contributions: 

Hanreta Sedrakyan, Marine Beglaryan, Narine Saghatelyan, Nina Sardaryan, Karine Vardanyan, Armenuhi Sargsyan, Vergush Sardaryan, Gyulnara Gyozalyan, Robert Ghazaryan, Seda Parsadanyan.

To learn more about these families and how Habitat Armenia's intervention has changed their lives, please read the stories below. 

HFHA offers to families a hands-up partnership opportunity. Habitat homeowner families build their own home with an affordable, long-term mortgage and also contribute hundreds of hours of volunteer labor or "sweat equity." The mortgage payments go into a "Revolving Fund for Humanity" which is used to build more homes, thereby providing the financial foundation for a sustainable community development effort.
Our goal is to continue to make a difference in the lives of the people. Your support is a great motivation for us and gives us courage and energy to move towards our goal of building better future for families living in substandard housing conditions. 
Thank you again for your partnership and dedication to Habitat for Humanity Armenia's mission

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hanreta Sedrakyan's family

This property was passed down to two brothers, whom now are grandfathers. The brothers got married and started their family in this house, and now both of the brother’s sons are having kids of their own. Last year, the house was split into two, and to make it suitable for the three-generation family, the homes will expand.
Front door  
Renovated bathroom 
Renovated showers 
Kitchen and hallway next to the new bathroom and shower

Mr. Sedrakyan did the renovation of the home, “I am the constructor, designer, and architect of this house!” he said proudly, and righteously so, the repair is alluring!

Mr. Sedrakyan
Mrs. and Mr. Sedrakyan
View of downstairs
Mr. Sedrakyan's mother 
The family owns a small piece of land and cultivates it for food and income. The men in the family are migrant workers, whom will most likely spend the next few months in Armenia to finish the refurnishing of their home. “If we don’t finish at least one of the bedroom before November, this will be a very difficult winter for my mother, wife, and grandchildren.

In winter, Armenia is radiant with snow, the air is crisp, and the sun is vivid. Due to the lack of proper heating, a lot of Armenians fear this marvelous season. I hope through Habitat’s assistant, this season will soon be embraced. Until next time, keep thinking sweet thoughts!
Toquyen Doan
Peace Corps Volunteer
Armenia 2013-2015

Monday, October 13, 2014

Marine Beglaryan's family

Front Yard
With the sun beating down on us, we approached this mystical garden, which carries its own summer day breeze. This home consists of five members, Marine Beglaryan, Hayk Beglaryan, and their three children. 
Marine and Hayk
Ten months out of a year, Mr. Beglaryan is in Russia for migrant construction work. His wife, Marine, is a stay at home mother, who cultivates soil and graze cattle.  

This ancestral house was last renovated in 1937. When Mr. Beglaryan inherited the property, there was only one room. The house now has four rooms; a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms. When we met this family, they were in the middle of constructing a third bedroom and doing pipework for indoor plumping. Sisters Ashkhen and Anna, 19 and 18 years old, share their bedroom with Armen, their 8 years old brother. Armen is getting older and the family thinks it’s important for the young man to have his own space. 
Kitchen Window
“Habitat has helped us so much… a friend of ours participated in a Global Village build last year. We would like to partner with GV, but I know it’s a rare opportunity," said Mrs. Beglaryan. 
A beautiful home is a home that is build with love, and this family has invested so many years of renovating into their 'love'. 

Until next time, keep thinking sweet thoughts! 

Toquyen Doan

Peace Corps Volunteer

Armenia 2013 - 2015