Monday, August 10, 2015

Robert Ghazaryan

Now Robert Ghazaryan and his family live in decent housing conditions. The renovation has changed many aspects of their lives. Now there are no leaks from the roof and the humidity has decreased.
The family feels safer and living has become much easier. This was only possible thanks to the support from Habitat Armenia. Through your support we provided safe, stable and nurturing environment for them and their kid.
Marietta says, “I have always been dreaming to create comfort for my children but could never afford it. When my son married and the family expanded it was hardly possible to renovate the house on our own.

 With the help of a Global Village team from the US, the family upgraded the interiors.

“I am happy my son will grow up in a healthy environment. Now when we have finished the renovation we are thinking of expanding the family.”

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