Friday, August 28, 2015

Harutyun Haruyunyan

The Harutyunyan family of Geghakert consists of Harutyun and Larisa, and their  three children. Their two sons live and work semi-permanently in Russia, and  their daughter lives at home. On the land adjoining their house, the family cultivates food crops (strawberries, cucumbers, greens, et al.) to bring to market.

Although the Harutyunyans' five-room home was built in the 1960s, its elegant interior now has a flair of the modern. The family recently completed an extensive remodeling project, which had spanned a period of years. They were able to absorb the bulk of the expense themselves, but they needed help to bridge the gap that remained. With the line of credit provided by Habitat for Humanity, the Harutyunyans installed a new heating system, new flooring, as well as renovated the bathroom unit and the kitchen. 

According to Harutyun, who did nearly all the work with his own hands, the project's timely progression and ultimate success hinged on the assistance of HFH.

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