Thursday, August 6, 2015

Luisne Khachatryan

LusinĂ© Khachatryan and her husband live together with their son, Samvel, and Samvel's wife and two children. Their house was built in the 1930s and was, until recently, in need of significant renovations. Due to poor health, Mr.  Khachatryan's mobility is limited, and the simple act of walking was increasingly a challenge. Being separate from the house itself, the outhouse was especially difficult for Mr. Khachatryan to reach safely.

 With the credit provided by Habitat for Humanity, the Khachatryans have nearly completed their home-improvement project. The kitchen has been spruced up, and the house now sports an indoor bathroom with adjoining water closet. Only the finishing touches remain to be done.

Lusiné expressed her profound gratitude for the assistance her family has been given. Before the loan was approved, she despaired of ever seeing her home receive the attention it needed.

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