Thursday, August 6, 2015

Khachik Gasparyan

The Gasparyan family, consisting of Khachik and Yevpraksya, and their young son, Gor—and soon to include another child—lives in Gavar, a village in Gegharkunik province. Mindful of their growing family's needs, the couple decided to petition Habitat for Humanity for financial assistance in making a few minor alterations to their home, including new windows and more durable flooring.

During the winter in years past, the Gasparyans did their best to ward off the chill that seeped through the original windows, which were in poor condition and prone to drafts. Their new, modern windows will put an end to that and allow them to weather the cold months in relative comfort.

Outside the house, the Gasparyans' furry companion displayed his gratitude the only way he knew how, jumping about with tail a-wag.

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