Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hamasik Hambardzumyan's family

Hamasik Hambardzumyan (62) and his wife Geghanush (55) live in a humble house in Gladzor vllage of Vayots Dzor region.   Hamasik, a truck driver stated building a house 30 years ago but could never afford to complete it. When the family expanded with 3 children the living expenses grew and Hamasik could hardly earn enough to satisfy the basic necessities and complete the house all at once.
“For 30 years we have been living in substandard housing with bare walls and concreted flooring,” Geghanush said, “it seemed that our dream of having a decent home would never come true until we heard about Habitat.”

Currently the family lives in the first floor that has been partially renovated. They will soon be restarting the work and finish with the bathroom and the second floor.
Their daughters are both married and the son is away for migrant work to support his family.

My children had to experience poverty housing but now thanks to a hand up from Habitat we can create decent conditions for the upcoming generations,” Geghanush says “thank you for your input in  building a better future for my family. ”

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