Monday, February 16, 2015

Eduard Ayvazyan's family

A great number of families have plumbing problems in Yeghegnadzor city, therefore access to clean water and adequate sanitation is limited.
The Ayvazyan family of 6 including Edward (44), his wife Lusine (37), their children Nvard (19), Ani (15), Vahe (3) and Edward’s mother Nvard (82) live in an ancestral home that has had water supply and sanitation problems for many years. Three generation of the family were deprived of basic hygienic conditions.


Due to the support of our partners the family has already installed water supply system and will start the renovation of their bathroom.
“We had to get water from neighboring houses”, Lusine said, “it was very hard to do it especially in winter. I can’t believe that now we have water in our garden. I bless Habitat every morning for giving us a chance to improve the quality of our lives. ”
Soon the family will have access to proper sanitation as well. 

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