Saturday, February 14, 2015

Geghanush Babayan's family

Geghanush (50) was very excited to show us the recent changes in her housing conditions. More than 3 decades had passed since the construction of the house and they never had a chance to improve the interiors as the family expanded. For a family of 7 including Geghanush’s husbands Armen (55), their two sons-Garik (30) and Arthur (28), Arthur’s wife Nara (23) and their two kids-Mane (4) and Armen (8 months) it was simply impossible to start upgrading the house on their own.  Their monthly earnings hardly make both ends meet.

Habitat’s intervention was a sudden turnover in our lives. For the first time in 30 years we were enabled to improve the quality of our living standards,” Geghanush says, “I am so happy to see my grandchildren growing up in healthy environment.”
Geghanush is a technician at a local music school. Arthur is a shop assistant; Garik works in the telecommunications department at local barracks. Armen is a pensioner and Nara manages the household.  

“I can’t thank enough to Habitat for Humanity for this valuable contribution in our welfare. Our lives have unbelievably changed through this blessed partnership.” Geghanush shared.

Thanks to your support they have already renovated the living room, two bedrooms and bathroom unit.  By mid spring the family will also start the renovation of the roof. 

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