Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Zarzand Saneyan’s family

We started building our house in the 1980’s with all work being accomplished by myself at first and then with the help of my son as he got older.  Today there are four of us living in the house which includes me, Zarzand, my wife, Anik, our son, Gevond, and our daughter, Serine.  Although our home was perfectly fine when we built it, it has slowly become smaller because of our children.  Now when our children marry and have children, it will be too small for all of us.  We would like to do some renovations to make things better.  Even with two incomes money is tight for us to do much at any one time.  So our projects are small and are done over a very long period of time.  Our income includes what I make as a tractor driver for the city and money our son brings home from his construction job in Russia.  His long absences in Russia make it difficult to make a lot of progress on any project that we start.  I am not as active as I used to be and his help makes things much easier to accomplish.

A couple of our friends told us about a microfinancing program that is possible through the bank.  While talking to the bank employees about the program, they told us about effort between them and an organization called Habitat for Humanity Armenia.  This was definitely a gift from God to get their assistance to complete our home.  

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