Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Samvel Ghazaryan’s family

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union I bought a house for my growing family to live in.  Then came the collapse which brought very tough times for everyone in all the former Soviet republics, especially for us in Armenia.  My name is, Samvel, and with my wife, Margush, and our sons we had to sell our nice house and buy something cheaper.  Unfortunately our cheaper home also came with serious maintenance issues that I have had extreme trouble trying to repair.  With all the maintenance left to accomplish I am unable to even think about upgrading anything in our home.  We figured that with two sons we would be able to accomplish much more but then came the war and we lost our oldest son in Artsakh.  It was a very dark time and to this day we think about him every day.  He is missed by everyone!!

Both my wife and I are pensioners which is absolutely not enough to make all the repairs on this house or allow improvements.  So I try to get extra income by working as a guard.  With the extra income it still takes a very long time before we are able to undertake any projects.  It just takes too long.  We found through our bank that microfinancing was possible and also an organization named, Habitat for Humanity Armenia, would possibly team with us to help us perform the labor on our home.  To have a team from other parts of the world is quite exciting for us and to think they are willing to come here to help us complete our upgrades is a dream come true.

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