Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Geghanush Babayan

After a long day of janitorial work at the local music school, Geghanush can finally return home.  As she steps inside her front door, the sole of her shoe makes contact with freshly installed tile.  In addition to the tiling, the renovation included a new bathroom, foyer walls, the two bedrooms shared by the family of seven.  As we made our way into the living room, we found Mane, age 4, hiding under a table.  What wasn’t hiding was the joy and satisfaction on the faces of the Babayan family about the first major upgrade to their house since 1985. The monthly earnings of Geghanush and her husband, Armen, were hardly enough to make both ends meet.  Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, the family has improved the house’s interiors and will begin work on the roof in the spring.

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