Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gayane Sahakyan

Nestled in the countryside is the home of Aram and Gayane.  Their family and the need for renovations to their home have been growing since 1980.  Currently, Gayane lives alone while her four children work or study in Yerevan and her husband is a seasonal worker in Russia.  As all of the family’s finances were tied up in paying for the children’s tuition, it seemed that repairing and restoring the floor, walls, and transitioning from an outhouse to an indoor toilet was unfeasible. 

The affordable loan provided through Habitat for Humanity changed all that.  It’s easy now for Gayane to smile as she shows us the improvements to their home, room by room.  They’re not done yet, either.  At the nearest convenient time, they will begin work on a heating system.

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