Sunday, December 14, 2014

Avetik Hakobyan's family

Avetik (52) lives in an old ancestral home with his wife Susanna (50) and two sons; Hayk (28) and Andranik (24). According to the Armenian tradition the youngest son of the family stays at the ancestral home as the successor of the family.  Three generation of the family lived in the house before it was passed to Avetik.  
“The house is very old and some parts are molded,” Susanna said, “besides, it is very costly to heat it in winter.”
Now the house needs interior and exterior upgrades. The roof leaks in the living room and there was not kitchen and bathroom unit. The toilet is an outdoor hole in front of the house.
Avetik was excited to show us the changes he has already made. He is a construction worker and does the work with his oldest son Hayk. They have already built the kitchen and bathroom unit and have changed the windows.  They had to interrupt the works because of winter and will restart it in spring.
“Thank you for your contribution in the welfare of my family. It would take us years to do the renovation ourselves. Now we can think of expanding our family due to your support,” Avetik shares. 

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