Monday, November 10, 2014

Nora Aghamalyan's family

The Aghamalyan family of 5 lives in Ddmashen village, in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia. With a population of 2,300 people, and a growing interest in migrant work, this already small village is becoming smaller by the day. This situation is similar for the Aghamalyan family, Nora Aghamalyan (50) and Volodya Aghamalyan (50) lives in Ddmashen, but their three sons, Hakob (26), Garik (25) and Gor (23) currently lives in Russia for construction work. 
Nora in her kitchen
Fruit preserves for the winter
Her son's bedroom
Front of the house
For a long time, Nora and her family had to live with their siblings, whom have families of their own. When the sibling’s families expanded to three generation in one household, it was impossible for Nora’s family to live under the same roof. The family then found a temporary shelter in the community center of the village. Due to the decline in population, and an increase in abandon homes, properties were at an all time low. The family seized this opportunity to purchase their first home. However, the house lacked basic utilities, making it unsafe and unhealthy. 
Nora is a homemaker, and sells her dairy in the village and capital Yerevan to earn money. Her husband, Volodya, is a guard in the local village municipality. With their income, it was impossible to renovate their home, especially with Armenia’s high interest rate on loans. Also, Nora and Hakob have health problems, and a lot of their income went towards their treatment and medicine. It was only possible for the family to renovate their home through Habitat’s low-interest rate credit. 

 Nora shares, “We have lived in these conditions for many years that it is hard to believe our dream of having a decent home has become a reality. My family and I, we are very excited by the partnership with Habitat Armenia. We needed support and I believe God heard our prayers and gave us a hand up out of this difficult situation.”  
Volodya and Nora
Nora in her garden 
Framed picture of Habitat's Global Village team in her living room

Through their partnership with Habitat Armenia, the family’s living condition positively changed. This is the second time Nora’s family is partnering with Habitat. On their first experience, Nora hosted a Global Village team of international volunteers from Canada. Together the people of Canada and the people of Armenia worked together for two weeks to renovate a portion of Nora’s home. After the renovation, the representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church blessed Nora’s house, an event that brought her great joy. Nora had such a wonderful experience with Habitat; she had decided to partner with our organization again. This time, she renovated her sons’ bedrooms and living room. Nora and her family now feels safer, and hope to finish the renovation of their home within the next year. 

Until next time, keep thinking positive thoughts! 
Toquyen Doan 
Peace Corps Volunteer 
Armenia 2013-2015 

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