Thursday, July 31, 2014

Seda Parsadanyan's family

The family of Parsadanyans resides in Ijevan city of  Tavush region. The family lives in the house of their sibling who is currently away for migrant work. Previously, the Parsadanyans used to live in  an emergency residential building but as the danger grew  the family sold the apartment and bought  a half-built house in Ijevan.  The house is very old and lacks basic living conditions.  It needs to be totally upgraded. 
The family could not afford to start the renovation on their own due to the insufficient income which is hardly enough to live on.  Seda works in Ijevan hospital as a nurse. Grigori (59), Seda’s husband is a guard at the store of MES. Their oldest son, Karen (30) does not have a job now and the youngest son Gagik (25) is employed in a local petrol station. Lilit (24), Karen’s wife takes care of their kids; Elina (6)and Areg (1). 
Only an affordable Habitat loan could enable the family to improve their living conditions. The family members have already started the renovation and are doing the work by themselves to minimize the costs.
“For many years we have lived in a wrecking building where each minute could become fatal. Thanks to partnership with Habitat for Humanity our dream of having a simple, proper and affordable house will become a reality.  Thank you,” says Seda, the mother of the Parsadanyan family. 

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